Well, It's official - I'm retired now. I'm thru most of the hospital and doctor stuff and am just taking it easy. I will do a paint job now and then so you may contact me if you have a guitar ya want painted. Please allow a few months for the work to get done.

Have a great day, Tony DeLacugo


Ps. Before ya email me I'll letcha know my painting prices start at about $400.00 a body. I do not paint neck thru's.



Paint jobs are about $400 to $500 and I don't do neck thru's.

Gold Flames into Red Sparkle
Carving flames into top and metal flake sparkle flames
American Flag
Custom burst
 Gold Flames into Red Sparkle  
Blended colors

 Gold Flames into Red Sparkle   Tu-Tone Purple Flames

 Gold Flames into Midnight Blue  Light Blue Flames into Dk Blue Sparkle
 Silver Smoke Flames into Green Sparkle  Shaded Silver Flames into Teal
Smoke Silver Flames into Red Sparkle Tangerine red Flames into Gold Sparkle
   Added Flames to back

  American Flag Flame  Confederate Flag
  Texas Flag   Union Jack Flag
 Buck-O with 2 faux silver bindings  
 New ! Holographic Flake on Black Background $400.00  Silver Flake changes to Rainbow effect as the light changes !


 Buck -O Silver with 2 Faux Black Bindings with clear Polyester over entire body and polished on your body $400.00 plus shipping.Body nust have 1/8" or less edge radius to look right. In silver only. Other colors extra.

With my body that I make out of alder $479.00 plus shipping. Body is patterned from a Genuine '69 with vintage routs.




This TDL custom painted body now adorns the cover of eMedia's new "Rock Guitar Method"

"Reverse" Gold Flames into Red Sparkle  

 Orange Sparkle  Silver Sparkle  Candy Red Sparkle
 3 Color Burst  Gold Sparkle  Blue Sparkle Sunburst
 Turquoise  2 tone Gold Sunburst Dark Blue Sparkle

Here is my new CUSTOMER PAGE with pics of guitars people have built using my custom metalflake bodies.



 To See My Original Custom guitars and Basses click on a pic.

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